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When it comes to vacations, there’s certainly nothing wrong with the classics. Trips to Disney World, the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park are all fantastic experiences whether you’re with the family, friends, relatives, etc. But sometimes the most popular vacation destinations aren’t always the best vacation destinations. Surely, there are weeks where the weather is terrible or maybe there is an overabundance of tourists and the attractions and culture around you can seem crowded and stuffy. But more so than all of that, vacations are supposed to be about new experiences; why should you vacation in a place that’s already been discovered and photo-bombed on thousands of social media accounts worldwide?

Life is about discovery; every day should be a new experience. After sitting in the office all year, there’s nothing more satisfying and good for the soul then getting away from everything that reminds you of your everyday life and opening your eyes to other parts of the world around us. In this country alone, there are dozens of exciting vacation destinations that elude the congestion of human traffic like Orlando and New York City. All you need to do is discover them. We, at ResortRentals.com, came up with a solid list of five of the most underrated places to travel for your next vacation. We hope that our readers will find that sometimes the best kept secrets are the ones you want to hear about the most.

A view of Bixby Bridge out to the Pacific Ocean near Big Sur, California, USA

Big Sur, California

We’ll start with an easy one. California, as a state, is a hot tourist destination for Americans, even those who live in-state. But Big Sur has something that the big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco don’t have too often: a moment’s peace. Big Sur is still close enough for travelers to reach the metropolitan areas but is just far enough away for you to enjoy the serene nature of the oceanside town. With the beach and mountains within arm’s reach, Big Sur is a great location for hikers, swimmers, campers, restaurant enthusiasts/amateur Yelp! reviewers, museum-goers, and every other person under the bright California sun.


West Glacier, Montana

Montana is, arguably, one of the most overlooked states in the country. But exploring it’s great green forests, majestic mountains, and peaceful plains are like striking gold for hikers, and Glacier National Park is one of the flagship destinations for hikers in the whole country. If you’re not much of a hiker, West Glacier also lends itself to being incredibly photogenic, perfect for scrapbooking, photography enthusiasts, and artists looking to new landscapes for inspiration. On the East side, there are plenty of excellent restaurants, shopping areas, and golf courses for those much-needed days off.

The white sand beach of the Gulf Coast.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

When most people think about an oceanside vacation, Alabama isn’t exactly the first location that comes to mind. But while places like California and Maine come to mind without much effort, Gulf Shores is every bit as entertaining. With 32 miles of pristine beach running along the Gulf of Mexico, it will be hard to resist the excessive amounts of fun watersport activities to do. Head out on a deep-sea fishing expedition, embark on a kayaking adventure, or simply catch some rays on the beach. If you get tired of the beach, you can always go inland where there are some top-quality golf courses or go for a once-in-a-lifetime zip line tour, where you really get a view of the Gulf Shores atmosphere.

Finger lakes region waterfall in the summer

Finger Lakes, New York

There’s a way you can have new experiences with different parts of the world and never have to leave your chair. How, you ask? By attending a wine tasting at the Finger Lakes area in upstate New York.The vineyards of the Finger Lakes are a breathtaking site, and are host to over 120 wineries! In addition, there are a number of breweries and distilleries around as well for beer and spirits drinkers, and restaurants are peppered around town as well for dinner intermissions and snack breaks!

Hershey, PA, USA - October 19, 2014 - Entrance sign for HersheyPark amusement park

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Theme parks, of course, are a staple to any vacation experience. But when you think of theme parks, there are several, we’re sure, that come to mind first, namely places like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, etc. If you’re looking for a theme park that has all of the thrills and chills of the better-known parks, but with a little more breathing room, check out Hershey Park in Hershey, PA! The theme park has all of the classic thrill rides you’re looking for in an adrenaline-fueled vacation. Hershey, however, has proven to be a great place for an adults-only vacation too; some of the best microbreweries in Pennsylvania are around the area. And who can possibly forget? Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Check out Hershey’s Chocolate World to get a free chocolate tour ride of the Hershey’s Factor and receive a special sample at the end!

Don’t get caught in the crowds. Find your secret spot this year! One that’s ideal for bragging rights the next time you’re at the office water cooler.

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