Why February is the Best Month to Travel

There are two schools of thought about February.

For most people, February can seem contradictory. It’s the shortest month of the year, but after a season full of snowstorms and cold weather, it can feel like the longest. Snow, which once seemed magical in December, now seems like more of a burden in February. You’re counting down the days until spring rolls around so you can trade in your winter jackets for light jackets.

Some of us, however, are grasping at the last strands of winter, appreciating every day we can still lace up our ice skates, strap on our ski boots or take the ice fishing traps out. These are the last couple of weeks in which you can participate in your favorite cold weather activities before the warmth returns for another nine months.

But no matter which end of this spectrum you’re on, we think February travel is something you should monopolize on—and here’s why!

To Take Advantage of Low Season Rates

The majority of airlines experience their low season from Mid-January through the end of February. While most flights to the Caribbean and other tropical islands are still high, most people still aren’t traveling domestically after the holiday season. This is the perfect opportunity to travel because you’re in the middle of the hectic holiday travel and the spring break travelers.

To Celebrate a Special Occasion

Valentine’s Day, of course, is one of the best excuses for travel. What’s more romantic than taking that special someone to a place where you’ve never been before. Cozy up next to a fire with some hot cocoa or a glass of wine in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado, or enjoy a couples spa with the works in Orlando, Florida. Planning a trip around Valentine’s Day can be just what you need to reignite that fire between you and your loved one.

To Escape or Embrace Those Winter Blues

Whether you’re an opponent or proponent of winter, February is the last month of the season. You can escape to the beach for a taste of the warmer season, effectively shaving off a week of winter. Or you can close out another great winter season with a blowout trip to any one of the great ski mountains in the United States. Plenty of fresh powder is still being produced, so take advantage of it while you still can!

Because of these reasons and many more, February is the best month to travel. It is a time for last chances and early beginnings. Head out to Maine for one last ice fishing trip or get out to Florida for some much-deserved sunshine. The kids are on school break at the end of the month, plus there will be less crowds with less people traveling so soon after Christmas.

Get started planning your next big vacation today! Wondering where to travel in February? Check out our inventory at ResortRentals.com. We have plenty of resort deals available for that much deserved vacation at an incredibly affordable price. February travel only comes once a year after all!

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