Wyndham Resorts to Enter Peru

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, one of the largest lodging brands in the world, recently announced seven new properties around the nation of Peru. This marks the latest move by a global brand to open up hotels and resorts in South America, as the travel and tourism industries gain more steam there. With more Wyndham resorts being established in Peru, will other major brands follow?

One Partnership, Seven Locations, 1,000 Rooms

Wyndham is able to open resorts in Peru thanks to a new partnership with Costa del Sol, a Peruvian hotel chain. The agreement will convert six Costa del Sol hotels into Wyndham properties, while a seventh will be constructed in the Peruvian capital of Lima. In all, 1,000 rooms across Peru will fall under Wyndham’s control, giving them an increased presence in a destination that is beginning to embrace widespread tourism. Wyndham will have hotels in the locations of Tumbes, Chiclayo, Lima, Trujillo, Cajamarca, and Piura.

South American Tourism on the Rise

Wyndham’s increased presence in Peru signals a trend in the hospitality industry. More and more global hotel and resort brands are accommodating the rush in travel to South American countries such as Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. This Peru deal gives Wyndham a presence in some of the country’s most popular travel destinations, giving them a leg up on the competition.

Paulo Pena, president and managing director of Latin America and the Caribbean for Wyndham states:

“Peru’s economy and tourism industry has been growing steadily in recent years, creating more demand for hotels and offering an ideal setting for our brands to expand. This deal with Costa del Sol represents our commitment to continue to grow our portfolio in key markets throughout Latin America to benefit our solid base of loyal guests who recognize the value of our global hotel brands.”

South America Resort Rentals

With the rise in popularity for South American travel destinations, more and more affordable lodging solutions will start to appear. Among the cost-efficient solutions are resort rentals, high quality vacation ownership units listed for rent by their owners. Hotel rates are subject to inflation and increased prices, and can become expensive. However, resort rental prices are set directly by owners, allowing you to find the best deal on accommodations possible, without sacrificing luxury.

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